Happy HOLY SWEET cache/Mother’s Day 2013

 Happy Mother’s Day! We hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day and celebrated the special Mother’s in your lives. We would like to take a moment to thank our wonderful Mom’s for all they do for us and add to our lives. We were blessed to have two of the greatest Mom’s ever! Thanks Debbie (Mary Poppins) & Earla! We love you both so much! I also hope our special Grandmother’s in heaven know how much we miss and love them.
I had the best day! Full of family, picking fresh asparagus, pulling 4 pork roasts fresh off our Ugly Drum Smoker, new perfume, curlers, hand shaped flower, plant and newly decorated bathroom! Yes I was spoiled. It did not end there…it ended with a HOLY SWEET CACHE! GCNT3Y This Little Piggy
This not so Little Piggy was the best cache a Mom could find at the end of her Mother’s Day! It is also a HOLY SWEET Cache any time of the year. This amazing cache has been in place since 2005 and over 342 people have had the honor of finding this CACHE county cache. I must say I am shocked that out of that many visitors it only has 12 Favorite points….This cache deserves a 100% favorite point to find ratio! WE LOVED IT! This cache was placed by Squib-C-kers they are a serious caching family with finds in 10 states as well as England. They add a lot to the game and this little cache made me cheer wee wee wee all the way home!
This cache is 75 miles from our home and when we arrived at GZ we were greeted by this sign…
It reads Tickets Required No Visitors After Hours Caretaker on Duty
SO…after looking for the caretaker for permission to find the cache…with no luck we…
Did what any other die hard cacher would do and went for the smiley! We are not encouraging any of you to break rules but this is one case where bending them a little paid off. If this cache was closer to home we would have waited but a 150 mile trip does not fit in the time schedule so…
We would like to thank Squib-C-kers for this amazing cache! Thank You! This really made our Mother’s Day Memorable! Also wanted to share our Asparagus Harvest and the Beautiful Utah Sunset we saw after leaving this HOLY SWEET CACHE! Happy Mother’s Day!
Thanks for reading and Happy Mother’s Day!
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