Saturday Morning Yard Sales=Great Cache Containers

     Have ever woke up on a Saturday or Sunday morning with an excitement to go out and find a few yard sales?  If so then you know what kind of fun we are talking about.  We love finding a good yard sale.  Good yard sales usually go hand in hand with good things for your caching hobby.
To the average person this looks like a fifty cent jewelry box shoe, but to a cacher it looks like an awesome cache. I think it would be cute to fill with worry dolls and call it “I live with the Old Woman in a Shoe.”
yardsale1 yardsale3
     Today we scored some new swag, cache containers and introduced a yard sale host to caching. If you haven't had a yard sale day, we highly recommend you go try it.
     While we were out last week a FTF was published while we were at a yard sale near the cache, so we were able to score a FTF and some good buys.
This amazing Castle jewelry box costs us one dollar and I am sure we will make our money back 100 times over when we turn it into a cache and read the logs. We are thinking of calling it “Not your average kNIGHT cache.”
We picked up the bag of trolls for fifty cents, planning on using them for SWAG and travel bugs.
This find is my favorite. This guy was a bit more  expensive and cost us three dollars. When you turn him over you can fit a big lock and lock inside for a regular size cache. We are thinking he needs to be hidden by a dive shop. Not sure what we are going to call this one, will figure out after find a location. He is going to be a favorite point cache for sure.
We hope some of our finds have inspired you to check out your local yard sales and keep your eyes open for cache containers. These containers make caching fun. If you find any, please feel free to share the pictures.
Happy Caching!
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