My 500th Cache In Las Vegas Nevada

Named after my Favorite Grandmother 

This was supposed to be our post on episode 3 but it has not been published. Damn the luck! So Ted and I decided to share our most favorable cache with you. We traveled from Utah to Las Vegas to take McAwesome to see his Grandma. I was close to my 500th cache and we made sure it would be in Vegas. Ted had already planned my 500th..It was named Judy. It was super special to me because my Grandmother's name was Judee and the irony of me finding my 500th cache out of state named after her was just plain AWESOME!  Just out of happenstance we stayed at the hotel with her cache and when we searched for it...I cried. GC28Y36 Ted knew I had to find that cache at that milestone and when I did I could not even believe it. Judee passed on to her new journey years ago and I miss her every day. I also know if she would have cached with me, we would be famous. Judee was so creative and was always the best at what she did. 

 I love you Ted for making sure my 500th cache was named after Judee and God knows, you gave me the skills I am using now!  Also Judee....I wonder why you left...I think I needed me to find me, I did and I found something I love, GEOCACHING!  I hope you are caching in Heaven and every cache I find I take you with me. GREATEST CACHE EVER! P.S. My Mother is the best friend and Mom you could have shared with this world...she is so amazing. Thank You! Can't wait to cache with you in heaven...where micros are a lot better than here!
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