Holy Sweet Cache!

Holy Sweet Cache!
Next to Finding a cache first, the best part of caching is finding a cache that is well done. I love going to a cache that has been planned out and put together with care. The caches that are out of the ordinary and make people excited about caching are the caches we will highlight in this section. Postings will be random. We will post when we find a cache worthy of the Holy Sweet Cache title.
It seems only fitting the first cache to earn the HOLY SWEET CACHE feature is by Madambutterfly1822 & Railroader 921 Any cache involving either one of them is a treat however when they join forces, you get a cache like  ? Geocache Realia
This mystery cache is a must! I knew we had to go due to the description on the publishing page. When MadamButterfly1822 lists on the page "This cache is so awesome I can't stand it!" She's right! 

     Once we got to GZ we had an ideal of what the caching container would be. That ideal is not too helpful when there are about a million similar "possible containers" in this location. The next step is good old fashioned searching.
     When we went to retrieve the cache it was missing. I asked the staff about it and they were so excited and helpful. Apparently we were not the only people that thought this cache was HOLY SWEET rad, a muggle tried to "borrow" it. They were denied. I was also informed by the staff that this cache is equipt with a security device. If anyone tries to leave GZ with it, an alarm will sound. Once again, the time, thought and energy they put into this cache is commendable! Below are a few log entry highlights: 

G&C Lost'n'Found-"I was amazed at what you had done-you must have an 'in' because this fit right inline with everything else. Way to go!!! Thanks for another fun and inovative cache, definitely worthy of a Favorite. Coords were good too!! Look forward to the next one."

Ryskeper-"I have never seen a cache like this! SO COOL! SO CREATIVE! Lots of cool swag! fitting This cache deserves multiple favorite points! Thank MB and Railroader for putting out this great cache for us to find!

Thank You MadamButterfly1822 & Railroader921  ? Geocache Realia  is the first  HOLY SWEET CACHE!
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