EPISODE #4 The EARrie sounds of angels

On episode #4 of our Crime Scene Investigator series we hid an ear. When we were figuring out how to hide this case file we originally thought of hanging a small bison tube from the ear like an earring. However after further deliberation and the fact we are not huge micro fans, Ted added it to the inside of a fence post. He used the cap to hold all the pieces of the geocache. Ted first glued a ring inside the cap and then attached the ear and a pill bottle using some steel fishing line. If you look close you can see that it almost looks like the pill bottle is an ear ring. The title came from the location we picked which just happens to be the entrance to a church. Hence the EARrie sounds of angels was created. It does give you an EARrie feeling when you lift the fence post to find another piece of our Cache Scene Victim.

Inside the geocache we placed a log book, some signature CSI (cache scene investigators swag), and a few prizes for the first agents whom solve this crime scene. The first to find prize was a super rare 1,000,000 bill. Sorry Second to Find, all you get is a gold dollar. The rest of the CSI agents will get Signature SWAG and whatever CSI's trade. We are trying to get every type of cache in this series. So this one covers the traditional fence pole cache.

Please help us solve the crime..and visit GC3W82R
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