Holy Sweet Cache #2


Son's of Thunder GC3V16T by WJW~KKSW

OK...I was working on the CSI series when Ted sent me a text saying there was a new cache published near my Mom's house. I was at my Mom's helping her after surgery so I decided to take a quick break and go for the First to Find. It was a quick drive and went right to location of the cache. However it was not that easy. This cache blends in with it's surroundings so well, I actually lifted it up and looked under the cache. It has a security device on it, so I pulled on it and it revealed the cache. This container is the best.  This cache looks like a professional cache builder made this. I was so excited about this find, I left a log and the owners answered back on the cache page. They only have 35 finds and this was their FIRST ever hide. Can't wait for their next hide. The picture is only part of the cache, not the actual (totally awesome) container. I want to see if anyone else mistakes it for part of the scenery. Oh and to all those whom think all you find is Junk in caches...not true. The FTF prize was $5 bill. OH yeah, Happy Dance. The funny part about the FTF prize was I didn't find it the first time. I read the note from the owner and decided to retur to GZ to take a second look. This cache has different compartments and I missed one all together. Enjoy the beauty of this caching masterpiece! It is at a nice location with encouraging words on the marquee, take a second and take it all in. Thanks so much WJW~KKSW you are going to be caching super stars. THIS CACHE IS HOLY SWEET AWESOME. I didn't think a first hide of any cacher would be worthy of this feature...I was so wrong! Thank You!

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