Ted and I are hosting our first Event on         September 22, 2012 


We are holding a breakfast event with games, a prize exchange raffle, the publishing of a new cache close to the restaurant and coloring pages of signal for the kids. Oh and how can I leave out the prizes just for showing up. Hoping to have a good turn out. Ted and I met at a breakfast similar to the one we are planning in Jan 2012. Ted and TJC852 found the first cache we ever hid and we decided to meet up at the breakfast so I could give them their First to Find Prize and the rest is caching history. Terry likes to say Ted didn't know what kind of a First to Find prize he was in store for and Ted agreed...he says he got an empty wallet. Funny Guys! This is a sneak peak of some items we are working on for the event. My mom has been teaching me to make dish towels and they are awesome...time consuming but well worth it. Every Geocacher needs a geocaching dish towel, made with love! 
                    Geo dish towels...this is just the beginning! Prizes and Raffle exchange at GC3V80Q
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