Holy Sweet Cache#3

"All you have shall some day be given;

Therefore give now, that the season of giving
may be yours and not your inheritors.
Kahlil Gibran

Holy sweet cache #3
Madambutterfly1822 & McAwesome


There is no GC number to track this cache under, there is only a act of random kindness to chalk this one up to. I can hardly write about this cache without a tear in my eye and a feeling of love in my heart. Madambutterfly1822 has done it again! I can't even believe what she has done now. Everything this beautiful woman does is above and beyond! This time, she has made a statement to mankind. Until Sept, 22, 2012 we had never met her in person. When she walked into our event, I knew it was her and I had one of those moments in my life. You know those moments that one never forgets and always will cherish. When we embraced it was overwhelming. She was more beautiful than I had expected. It was so much fun. THEN....She asked if McAwesome was at the event, I explained he was on his way and she replied "Oh good, I made a cache just for him." Once he arrived he saw her finding a cache and he knew the lady finding the cache was madambutterfly1822, So he ran up and snapped a picture. They met and then the rest of the event happened. Once it was almost over she invited him to enjoy the multi cache she had placed.
This cache took her so much time and effort. It was all for a boy she had never met. All she knew about him was he loves marbles and just started caching on his own.

She placed this multi cache for him before the event and took Ryan out to find it once the event was ending. I could not help him find it because I was still finishing up the event, Ted tried to help but was busy as well, She kept showing him, despite the trouble of locating the coords. They kept going and the until it was solved. Acts of kindness like these prove...caching is more than just getting numbers. This cache proves there are people in this world that do for others. Madambtterfly1822, you did all of this for my son while yours was in the hospital. God bless you and know Ryan thinks of your kindness and I pray he learns as much from this as we all did. This is the best cache I have ever seen! Thank you, give and give and is worth it.Your life lessons are priceless.

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