CSI #2 A Mind is a Terryiable thing to waste

GC3VQ5E  Episode #2 CSI SERIES
Case File: A Mind is a TERRYiable thing to waste
Photo submitted by NVRGVUP
Episode #2 This was the first puzzle I ever did, and WOW. I had lots of help from Momthecook/Nancy, she is the puzzle queen. Nancy was a life saver and I was able to figure out how to place a coordinate checker on bottom of listing...big time for me. This case file is a fake brain placed with magnets under the CPU of a trash compacter...get it...a mind is a terrible thing to waste? The locations of theses series are just as critical to solving the crime as the containers or body parts are.  They relate.  We keep getting asked when the next crime will be committed. The logs on our other caches are getting questions about the CSI series and when the next episode will be published. This has been the funnest series ever!
 Geocaching description: Another Puzzling crime has been committed in the caching world and we need the help of all Cache Scene Investigators to solve this Crime. Case File: A Mind is a TERRYiable thing to WASTE. After the discovery of the first body part it is only "logical" that other parts are in need of locating. Use the power of your brain to solve this episode.

DUMP SITE IS NOT AT LISTED COORDS! Eye see you are using your BRAIN to solve this series of caches. This case file will reveal the operating system of our victims body. WARNING:This cache is one of the most important parts of our victim and the dump site might overload your BRAIN. If our victim would have been thinking then he might not have ended up WASTEing away. This crime scene contains a log and enough space for small traders. Don't forget your own pen and Cache Scene Investigator Skills. If you are thinking the victim in TJC852, (because of the title) he is not. Terry is one of our favorite CSI's. We just could not resist the play on words.There is a gold coin for ftf and Silver for 2TF. This Puzzle is a real NO BRAINER! N 40 37.479 Subtract 112 to get the North coords W 111 56.170 Add 10 to get West coords
Hope you enjoy. Episode #3 will PUMP UP the excitement as well as shed a tear down your FACE....du du dun.
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