Geo Traders...AKA:SWAG

Homemade SWAG

Getting Ready for our Event GC3V80Q
Bringing Breakfast Back to Where it Began for us.

In preparation for our upcoming event, we were bouncing around ideals for our raffle trader items when I stumbled upon the pictures of our last items we made. Including candles, money clips, paper weights and trader stones. We love making our own unique items for events and caches we visit. We work on them as a family and everyone pitches in. We are building SWAG and great memories together. This is a great way to explore your creative side.
Once the SWAG is finished, the process continues with wrapping. Creative wrapping is just as much fun as the creation. Once it is wrapped, it is sure to be picked first during the raffle.
                                                We like to make things that we would like to trade for. We have some fun things planned for the event and will share them after the event. 
Keep following our BLOG and check back for more creative SWAG. 
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