I guess you "NOSE" another crime has been committed in the caching world...hence Episode 3. It is hidden behind a Gold's Gym under the original StairMaster...a staircase. It is attached with super Strong magnetics and fun of full Cache Scene Investigator SWAG. The race was on for the First to Find on this and the logs are worth reading. We have had a lot of fun with all of the crime scenes. We were asked where we found all of the body parts...or if we are really serial killers! WE LOVED IT! 

FACE LIFT in actual hiding location. In corner of staircase on back of Gold's Gym. The magnetic in the lid is STRONG.

This series has been a real hit in the area. Who would have thought from hiding fake dead body parts we have been able to bring life back to old cachers. Not only did we do a face lift we have been able to do a spirt lift also.  We have been receiving emails as to give hints on our next hide or asking when another one will be coming out. One person even said they were about to give up on geocaching because of the everyday normal micro in a boring area. Its been great to see people so happy to find caches again and be so excited to find our hides. Its amazing how much a little effort and a few things from the dollar store can change the way people feel.  Here are a few quotes from cachers who have found following this series so far.

"I ran out of the house (still awake since I worked the late shift) in my pj's. I was glad I was all alone - or fellow cachers may have mistaken me for the 4th crime scene - LOL!!!!!!!!!
Thanks again to Balkamper13 and cacheseekers - loving this series :D" - RN&Terrier

"Can hardly wait for the next clue to surface. Thanks and another favorite for the story line. "- GC Lost&found

 "Another amazing job by Balkamper13 and Cacheseekers! You guys rock! I have enjoyed this series so much and can hardly wait until you strike again! " -Ryskeper

Thanks for reading our adventures...more to come!  Balkamper13 & Cacheseekers!




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