Our First Event...a success!

Bringing Breakfast Back to Where it Began For Us

Hosting our first geocaching event GC3V80Q

On Saturday September 22, 2012 Cacheseekers! and myself hosted our first geocaching event. We held it at the Golden Corral restaurant in West Valley, Utah. We had a great turnout of local geocachers as well a Colorado cacher. Everyone had a great time. Thanks to our local reviewer we were able to get another CSI cache published during the event. Watching everyone look at their phone to see the notification and also notice it was only 100 feet away, was priceless. The waitresses were so great that after RN&Terrier scored the FTF they actually brought the cache out on a tray to the middle of the room for everyone to log.
Dollface earning 2 smileys by attending as well as finding CSI episode7, Liver & Onions.
TuxJ with 2 x's...TuxxJ making his mark on the log book tucked under the fake liver surrounded by fake onions and cockroaches. One of the onions had a paw print on it, looked like it is from a terrier dog...mmmm just saying. I am sure our dear friend Ryskepeer will notice when he finds after work. This devilish dish was one of the best dishes at the buffet.
  Darcey and I put many hours of work and preparation in to making this event great. We had magnets printed with the saying "I attended GCV80Q" and placed them inside a goodie bag with a nice geocaching addicts pencil and a few treats. We passed thees out to everyone whom attended the event as a door prize.
Magnets inside the goodie bags
Best T-shirts the Simpsons
Turn it up GBOTS
The pencils we made up came in handy for the word search puzzle we created using all geocachers names whom logged a "will attend" on the event page. The race was on and Swagette solved it in record time. Darcey also came up with a great prize for the person who did the worst on the puzzle. She wrapped up a few turnips and then told them next time they need to turn it up. Everyone got a very good laugh from that GBOTS enjoying her sweet winnings. Rumor has it Richard wants to grind them up and smoke them in his pipe.

Hikingseal and her beautiful dish towel

Swagette Winner!

The winner is...

Holding a geocaching gift exchange was the highlight of the event. We had everyone who wanted to participate bring a gift in exchange for a raffle ticket to exchange for another gift. We had a ton of great things that were brought by the attendees. Everything from fully stocked ready to hide ammo cans, geocoins, birdhouse caches, to geocaching dish towels (that were freaking awesome.) This exchange was fantastic and everyone left with a great prize, some more. We are working out details on the next one, so everything is traded a bit more equally.
Rock paper scissors tie breaker
Raffle table-pic by cacheseekers!
Loving the pink polka dots
Finally called Auzziedogs #

Daphm even brought a CHRIP, Garmin's newest addition to the geocaching world. We think Bluerajah liked it more than the pink polka dotted dish towel he won by guess the number of skeletons, flies and roaches in a CSI inspired guess game. I cant wait to see how the winner sets it up and I want to go find it. We all do.

As you seen in one of our previous post we also had a raffle for a great yard sign created by Emily and Weston, Darceys cousins from Salt City Steel. Our great geofriend Gotwings was the lucky winner of this awesome sign.
Another highlight of the event was the story of Cacheseekers! & I. We met at a similar breakfast back in January after I found Darceys' first cache hide and we then met at the event so he could give me and TJC852 our FTF prizes. After the event we went caching and then have been caching together ever since. I tell people you can find more than junk when you geo cache...I found love and an empty wallet. I gave Darcey a ring Tuesday before the event and all of the cachers were excited for us. It made this time in our life so much more special. Thank you all for the support and excitement.
I have to say that this event was one of the best I have attended thanks to all the hard work that Cacheseekers! and I did together. We are now looking into what we would like to do for the next event we host. If anyone has any great ideas or places they would like to see us host an event just let us know. Thanks to Windbeneth and Gotwings for all the neat photos.
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