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Snowboarding+Family+Caching =A Few of my Favorite Things!

geocaching ski crew
Awesome GeoCaching Snow Bunnies
Balkamper13 & ISME1922
     On January 26, 2013 Ryan (the McAwesome part of Cacheseekers!) and myself went to Beaver mountain resort to meet up with some family for a ski,snowboarding and of course caching day. My big brother Paul (ISME1922) writer of and his great family drove in from Green River WY to meet us. We had a blast playing on the slopes.   What a great combination awesome people, snowboarding-skiing, and geocaching all in one. It doesn’t get much better than this.
     One of the highlights of our day was finding a cache placed on the mountain. GC2BNPA Dumbledore's Army 2006 Goes Skiing.
This geocache was placed in the split of a large pine tree near the bottom of the mountain. We were able to take the lift to the top and ride right down to it. It is placed at the bottom of a beginner style run and not far from the main ski lodge so it is accessible to just about everybody.

snowboard geocache

With the combined geo senses within the group we made quick work of the find. And since we were such a large group I’m sure the muggles just thought we were all stopping there to meet up for the next run.
 This cache was the only one that had been placed on the mountain to find. I enjoyed caching on Beaver Mountain so much I decided to hide my own. I went to the car and grabbed one of our ready to hide caches. I then went to the top of the mountain and placed it in a large patch of pine trees just off one of my favorite runs. It will not be as easy to find. Any cacher whom has ski or snowboard skills should be able to get this. It will also be a nice little hiker cache in the summer months.  This cache has not yet been found. If you would like to give it a try and get the FTF prize check out I missed the turn to Easy Street GC45506
     I want to give thanks to all my family who met and played in the snow with me that day. I also wanted to give thanks to all of you fantastic folks who read our blog. We hope you enjoy what we are doing. If you have any suggestions or would like to read about something in particular let us know in the comment section.
awesome snowboarding geocache
Balkamper13 & McAwesome Scouting Cache Location in Style
geocaching crew

Keep on Living, Loving and Caching !

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