The ART in geocaching

The ART in Geocaching

 Have you seen some of the great artwork in the Geocaching world. I have recently been introduced to some of these wonderful creations and started looking for more.
The time and effort put into making this art is unbelievable.

Who knew you could make such great pictures using geocaches as a medium. It still amazes me that the creators of these masterpieces were able to create such masterpices.
From trains and RV’s to paw prints and guitars they all share one similarity, they are drawn on a map. These pictures are wonderful.    

I was first introduced to this while in Seattle,WA for Geowoodstock. Some of the locals teamed up and made a peace sign made with mystery cache icons in the middle of Lake Washington. The final coordinates for the puzzles took you on a journey around the different sides of the lake. I thought this was a very creative way to use up space that usually wouldn’t have a cache on it on the map.
cacheart6     Soon after returning home from that trip I was told about the Scouting series in Utah. This group of caches forms the picture of a scouting fleur-de-lis. I have had this series on my to do list for way to long now and am hoping to find them this spring when the snow melts.
After talking about these cool creations with some other geocachers at events I have been told about a few more pictures with geocaches that I enjoyed searching for. I have included the screen shots of them below. If you want to search for these pictures check out these links to one cache in the series and view the map.
Peace sign –
Rail Road (train)-
Big Guitar and musical highway-
Sun and Moon-
Route 66-
RV series-
Dog paw & Smiley face-

If you have any sweet Geo Art creations near you please let us know about them with a comment. We would love to see what other pictures are out there.


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