GeoCaching Event Preparations

Flashing In “Fashion” GC43Y4T

It is time for our January event and we are hosting a Flash Mob in Fashion Place Mall, hence the name Flashing in “Fashion.” This won’t be your typical Flash Mob, our Mob includes a group of geocachers meeting at the food court and then finding caches hidden in the mall. Each cache will have a color coded set of numbers inside, each cacher will randomly select a number and once they find all 9 caches they will return to the original Mob site to see if they have the winning number to exchange for a prize. Above are some of the prizes we are working on. The prizes are sure to please.
Due to the number of people attending we will be breaking up into groups. Each group of cachers will be given a Clue Book and sent off on a fantastic mall adventure.
We are also going to make sure cachers get to know each other at this event. We have held other events where people are not sure who is who. Not at this event! Geocaching name tags will be very helpful.
Whenever we have an event we like to make sure there is a cache published near by. This is a good way to earn at least two smileys at the event. So we went and placed some caches in the area near mall. So cachers here is a spoiler for one of them, you have to figure out which one it is. The best cache hide during an event was our CSI Episode 7 Liver & Onions the waitress actually delivered it to the event on a tray after the FTF.
I think we are just about ready. It is a lot of work to host an event but it is the best feeling in the world when it is over and everyone had such a great time.
One more reminder, there is still time to enter to win your own personalized SWAG. Entering is easy, just follow us or if you already do, make a comment between now and Jan 20, 2013. Good luck and we will post pictures after the event! Happy Caching!
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