Utah says Good bye to Dollface

     Our dear caching friend Jackie (Dollface) has set her sight on a warmer climate. Yesterday Jackie left the snow packed streets of Utah and pointed her loaded U Haul towards the sun filled streets of Arizona. We are going to miss caching with our dear friend however we now have a new vacation spot and personal caching guide when we head south. Dollface and her first cache.
pics off old computer 1877
Dollface and I met at work and I found out she was an avid traveler so naturally I told her about Geocaching and I was interested in here moving some travel bugs out of the country. She was immediately interested and I told her she needed a caching name and then we would set her up an account. Within a millisecond  she replies, “Dollface".” So the cacher Dollface was born.

She has been a great friend on and off of the caching trail. She always supports all of our events and is the first to plan a Dollface SWAG making night. Dollface has gone on family camping trips and helped contribute to many caches we have placed. Dollface is always ready for a day of caching and is excited to cache on every trip she takes. She has introduces several people to our sport as well as her family. Dollface has cached in places we dream of caching and there is more to come. Below are a few of our favorite Dollface Pictures.
pics off old computer 2600 Happy Caching Dollface, we will miss you! Thanks for all of the fun and we look forward to more.
P.S. You picked a good time to get out of dodge…it’s freezing here!
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