Have you set your caching goals for 2013 Yet?

It seems like a year ago I posted last, oh it was…Happy 2013!!!  We survived the end of the world, holidays and now it is time to set your caching goals for 2013. Here are some Ideals:

  • Find a cache every day of 2013
  • Finish D/T grid
  • Hide a Series of Caches
  • Move 2013 Travel Bugs this year
  • Get a cache in a new State or Country
  • Cover all Counties in your state
  • Get 2013 caches this year
  • Attend at least 13 events, 2013 might be hard
  • Get a First to Find
  • Make some personalized Swag
  • Cache on the corner of Winslow Arizona
  • Nominate someone for Cacher of the Month
  • Organize your cache supplies
  • Host an Event

Whatever your goals are we wish you the best new year and may all of your caching dreams come true! We also hope you had a great holiday we did. It was our first Holiday Season together all because two people went geocaching! I included a picture of an ornament I made for Balkamper13. Happy Caching!


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