CSI Investigation Continues! The Disguise & Weapon

A cache by G & C Lost'N'Found & ryshkepr
Once again G & C Lost'N'Found & Ryshkepr have made a statement with their incredible cache design and placement skills.This extraordinary cache screams to the caching world,
     This cache has been on the top of the Holy Sweet Cache list since its publishing date of 11/02/12. I am kind of glad we didn’t award it the Holy Sweet Cache award when we wanted to; we have now had time to read the logs and see others agree. To date it has been found 16 times and 10 out of the 16 have awarded favorite points. I am guessing the 6 cachers that did not give it a favorite point were out of points to give. Ted and I would have given more than one favorite point to this cache.
The cache page is so well put together and the spoiler is picture is above; the cache page describes the picture as
“The characters depicted in the cache are known to have been seen at various CSI crime scenes and events. Look at the pictures closely-do you recognize anyone? Are you considered a Suspect or Victim?”
3 of the best

Three out of this world cachers!
Great Disguise & Captions.
Holy Sweet Cache
      The pictures include possible (disguised) suspects that could be the Longitude & Latitude Killer from our CSI Series. The CSI series has taken on a life of its own with cachers pointing the finger at other cachers and the logs are worth a read. One of our favorites is CSI Episode #10 Crosswalk. The dynamic powerhouse also added their own touch to that cache and it is even better now.
     This Holy Sweet Cache has a lot to offer. Starting with the identification of the possible suspects and then leading you to an unlikely urban/rural combination setting that is sometimes guarded by a field Lion. Once GZ is located the real fun begins! G & C Lost'N'Found & Ryshkepr have added an element of surprise, I will not spoil any of the fun but lets just say Ted jumped pretty high and RN&Terrier jumped like Michael Jordan. The disguises and weapons are above and beyond normal caching standards,not to mention the well thought out SWAG!

Holy Sweet Cache
Investigating the IMPORTANT EVIDENCE. Great disguises that could confuse victims and suspects!
Holy Sweet Cache Weapons
Sifting through the possible murder weapons.
I want to show how awesome all of it is but in order to see the rest you must go find GC40NCE for yourself. You will not be disappointed. You may have a lot to think about after all of the clues and weapons or find yourself disguised.
We had a blast on the caching trail, while we were investigation one of Utah's best cachers appeared; RN&Terrier. We had such a blast combing through the clues and catching up. Running into other cachers on the trail always makes the cache more memorable.
RN&TerrierSuspects or Victims
This year has been flying by we are already into the 2nd month of 2013…WOW. That also means we have one month down in our quest for a cache a day for an entire year. Thanks to those of you doing the same challenge and send your stories and encouragement!  Believe me, there are days I need it. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to chack out this HOLY SWEET CACHE by Utah's POWERHOUSE!
We also wanted to say thank you to all whom entered our personalized SWAG contest. The stones are in the mail to Austraila and Florida. MPB, KittyCatch, GrimRaider and CrimsonOtaku please send us pictures with your winnings! Watch for more contests to come!
Happy Caching!
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