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Everybody knows looking at other people’s family vacation photos is as much fun as waiting in the check out line behind the extreme coupon lady.  However if they involve caching it makes you feel like the extreme coupon lady that just saved a lot of money!
We will try and make it exciting. I think there should be a caching rule, If you take a trip involving caching, you MUST share it. Caching trips are too good to keep in your inner circle.
Thanks to the generosity of The City Weekly Store we took our first Christmas/Birthday (Griswald’s) Vacation. It was amazing, we got 3 deluxe hotel rooms at the beautiful Abby Inn located in sunny St. George, Utah and tickets to an incredible play called Plaid Tidings for….drum roll please….. FREE, yes I said FREE. It was a $507 vacation that we a paid $3 processing fee for.
I read the e-mail about the free trip and knew there had to be a catch, so I called City Weekly Store and the nicest lady named Paula explained there was no catch and they didn’t want the vacation packages to go to waste so they were giving them away. I rushed down town to pick them up and the envelope had everything inside (minus the catch) and a Happy Birthday note from Paula. These random acts of kindness are an inspiration and we will never forget it. (I feel like the extreme coupon lady now!) This is how our adventure started.
We rented a car closest in style to the Griswald’s Family Truckster, a HHR and left the snowy streets of SLC and headed down south! We only stopped for a few caches on the way down, the amount of snow made it a bit challenging. We arrived in St. George to find beautiful weather and the kids rushed to the pool!
00trip We then went to Dixie College to see Plaid Tidings and it was a blast. It was my Birthday so we had to head to Mesquite for dinner and more caching, ok and some gambling of the kids college fund. Unfortunately we did not win in Mesquite but we did win on the way back to St. George. We found a Holy Sweet Cache. It was in Arizona and in the middle of the desert at 2ish in the morning.
The next day Swagette, Spybot13, Balkamper13 & McAwesome wanted to go to Las Vegas instead of the Grand Canyon. So we loaded up the family truckster and headed to Vegas. We were able to do some caching as well as log a virtual in front of the M&M factory. One of my favorite caches in Vegas was right on the strip, it was a magnetic fake outlet cover and had an awesome path tag inside. This cache has been found 1,151 times and has 33 favorite points.

Two more Smiley’s and cache count out of state! This is the way to win in Las Vegas!

After our fun filled day in Las Vegas we enjoyed another night at Abby Inn. We woke up ate a delicious breakfast provided by the hotel, hit the pool again and then set out for some Christmas Eve caching in the sun. It was so weird to cache on Christmas Eve in the sun.000trip1
Balkamper13 on a search for a well hidden cache! We found some fun caches but our favorite was an ammo can hidden very well in some beautiful red rocks overlooking St. George. It took a bit of searching but was so nice in the sun. BKButtons mailed us some travel bugs that his daughters second grade class from Montana wanted moved so we took them to this cool cache and took some photos for them.
Spybot13, Swagette, Cacheseekers! and Balkamper13, leaving behind an alien and McAwesome at the Grand Canyon (Giftshop)
christmas vacation 061
christmas vacation 058
After some great caching we had to point our family truckster in the direction of SLC, so we could make it home in time for Santa. We felt like Santa gave us gifts twice this year. A heartfelt Thank You goes out to the City Weekly Store and the Abby Inn.
DON’T forget to enter to win your own personalized SWAG…there is still time, all you have to do is start following us, or if you already follow us, leave us a comment. We want to hear from you!000trip2

Happy New Year and Caching! I am on day 7 of my cache a day challenge, thank God for Balkamper13 if it weren’t for him I might have lost it on day 2. IT WAS FREEZING DARN COLD. We hope you are all achieving your caching goals and your New Year is like being the extreme coupon lady! Cache on!
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