Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes

As we look back on our year in shock that today is already Christmas, we are truly blessed. I am thankful for what caching has brought to my life…first and foremost it paired me up with my life’s co-pilot, Balkamper13. It seems like yesterday when I had 6 finds and one hide and met Ted at the caching event and the rest has been all smiley’s.

Next, we have met the most wonderful people and love the adventures we share with all of them. Caching has also laid the foundation for Ted and I to utilize our talents and put together great events and caches. We love setting goals together and meeting them as well as challenging ourselves to do better all of the time.

We wanted to say THANK YOU! Thanks for supporting our passion and making our days so full of happiness. Merry Christmas and I wanted to share this picture I found on Facebook…It spoke to me and I hope it does the same for you! May God Bless and to all a good find!


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