Hungry Anyone?


 This instalment in our CSI series was a lot of fun to build and hide. We had the liver body part and had a few ideas on how to use it but this seemed to be the best idea we had. We found a large cake storage container and painted it silver to look  like a fancy silver platter. We then found plastic lemon slices and painted them white to look like sliced onions topped off with fake flys and cockroaches.
So as if this were not the start to a great geocache Darcey stepped it up a notch and had the local Golden Corral restaurants place it behind the counter. To log this geocache you must walk in and order liver and onions. This also worked out great because we had our geocache reviewer wait until the day of our event to publish this hide. The cache was hidden at the same  Golden Corral our event was at. It was a riot watching all the phones go off with a notification of a new cache only 100 feet away. Another great thing that happened with this hide is that the waitress brought the cache in on a serving tray and served the cache to all of our attendees. I know that this was the first time a geocache has ever been served to a group of people. Its not everyday that the cache finds you.

 The locals loved the fact that we went to such efforts for this hide and for our first event to be so great. They loved the fact that they got two smiley faces on their account just for showing up. This also was a great thing for our series because a few of them got their first look at a cache from this series and it made them want to go find the rest of the hides. I will admit it was not easy to pull off this hide. We had a few issues with the reviewer and groudspeaks guidelines. We actually had to pull quite a few strings to get this one to make it in the lineup. I must offer a special thanks to BLUERAJAH our Utah reviewer for letting a few things slide and publishing this for us. There are guidelines that state you are not supposed to have to speak with anyone to retrieve a geocache. There are also commercial business stipulations that certain info may not be used and may not help promote a business. But with a little discussion and evaluation we were able to get this one published. To get your smily you have to sign the log book inside of the liver. Anyone hungry? A must find for all cachers!

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