The Before X-mas Geocache Exchange Event

December 15, 2012 Our Event

Wow, these things just keep getting better. We have a new caching addiction, hosting events. It is so much fun to plan and see everyone come together and enjoy the fun afterwards.

This event had everything from Oversized Birdhouses made by Glassguy to an Octopus filled Fear Factor episode lead by Mr. Simpson and special Christmas gifts from Goatter & Chris Geertzen. There were too many memorable moments to highlight but none of them will be forgotten.

Everyone was asked to bring a cache ready to hide to exchange and WOW, people went all out. We had the best exchange I have seen! To keep everyone guessing we played the Left/Right game to a story I wrote about caching and included names of the cachers that attended, when I said their names they stood up. We all sat in a circle and whenever I said Left you passed the cache in your hand to the left and did the same whenever I said right. It was funny to see how a few of the cachers had a hard time with left and right, next time I will include east and west. The game left such a great impression on the guests that FireElemental left the following log, Had a great time! Had some good food and talked with some good friends! Water had a "RIGHT" on time and I "LEFT" with a great collection of cache container to place! As we "LEFT" the event I told some cachers, LV2WJ, to expect a fun challenge to get to one of those caches! "RIGHT" as we pulled out of the parking lot I realized that we had just "LEFT" one of the funniest events of the year! Thanks to LV2WJ for the awesome gift! Thanks to Ted and Darcy for an awesome event!”

Caching Left/Right Christmas Cache Exchange Game…

RIGHT after Thanksgiving Balkamper13 reminded me we have a lot Left on our things left to do Right before Christmas List. Right as he reminded me  of the  things left on our to do list, Blue  Rajaha  published a FTF. naturally my  focus went right to the new cache Chris Geertzen left. My first thought Right after the listing was, this list of things we have left to do right before Christmas can wait! We have to leave RIGHT now to beat The SIMPSONS  who have Left behind their old phone and bought the RIGHT smart phone for the FTF race. OR, RN&TERRIER  might have left the trail of the L&L Killer to get on the right track for this FTF. Right then G&C Lost’N’Found & Ryshkeper popped Right into my mind, they have left ther names right on the ftf line of many caches. Right then, memories of ftf hunts where right out of nowhere Glassguy, Snooby, Tjc852 and various other cachers (goatter) appear left a huge impact on my quest to get right to the FTF. We then convinced McAwesome, Glowingman, Swaggette, Spybot13 and dollface to call my Dad and tell he we would be right over to visit after we left our names right on the ftf line of the new cache. We then Left. Right as we were leaving we realized we left our swag bag inside the house right in the left hand side of the right corner closet. We quickly went right into grab it and Left. Finally as we turned right out of the neighborhood, we spotted a car right in front of us with a travel bug sticker right on the spare tire case. We knew it had to be LV2WJ so we looked left and saw Right in the window and realized it looked more like DEbjohn but on her right was not Auzziedogs so we were left wondering who it was. We decided it was not right to stare so we left whomever it was in the dust. We followed our GPS it lead us to a right, another right and one more right. This left us 2 streets away from the right coords. We were right within 20 feet of GZ. So we left our cars running and jumped right out. When we did we noticed other cars nearby. We were left wondering if it was TuxxJ or Fire Elemental or Dumbledoresarmy2006, or various other cachers (Goatter) Oh I knew I had to get back on the right track & stop worrying who left their cars behind and get right back to the FTF. We found the cache and looked right to the log to see if anyone had beat us and left their names right on the FTF line of the log, Nope. Much to our surprise the log was blank and ready for us to right our names right on the ftf spot of the log. We were on cloud nine! We felt like we GOTWINGS and flew on the WINDBENEATH them right to this cache. As we left the cache right where we found it, right before our eyes, Various cachers (Goatter) showed up. So we did the right thing and we all left our names as a shared ftf. After this right-on fun adventure Balkamper13 & I got right back to the things left to do right before christmas list.

This story can be adapted to any caching community….of and thanks to ours…as I was typing, I realized you traded caches around 70 times….wow good sports!

After the event a group of us went out and cached together. It was a lot of fun and the snow made it even better…for snow ball fights. Thanks for all that made this event amazing.

Happy Caching and Holidays! And to all a great Find!




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