Searching For Mr. Cache

On my birthday were on our way back to our hotel in St. George after seeing Plaid Tidings and going to Mesquite when we decided to stop for this cache. On a chili dark night 272 miles from home in the middle of the Desert we were lucky enough to find http://coord.info/GC1J3B5 Searching for Mr.
Cache. Half of the fun was going on what appears to be an off road trail with our rental car and then ending up in the pitch black desert after midnight. Once we were within 80 or so feet of GZ the search turned into a foot search.
After searching for MR. Cache this is what was found! Who knew in the middle of the dessert such a cool cache has survived since 11-2008. This cache has 34 favorite points and this is why. It is worth the scary feeling of being in the desert at night and well worth the hunt. This earns a HOLY SWEET CACHE for sure!
It just goes to show there are cachers that throw an awesome hide in areas where you might not expect it. Thanks Jones84790 this cache is SUPIE AWESOME!
If you are ever near Arizona…this is a must find! Happy Caching!
And to all a good find!
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