12-12-12 Day of CACHING FUN!

One of the best caching and event days in this 1000 years!

Wow we had such a blast! We hit two events and found some fun caches. Wanted to find 12 but we didn’t make our goal due to the extra fun we found. We started out at the 12-12-12 event hosted by Oakcoins at 12:12 pm. It was a great turn out and got to visit with lots of cachers from other areas.



This Picture was out front of the Oak Coins store. Great group! The pics below are also from same event. We got a 12-12-12 rainbow glow in the dark coin and on the middle is a picture of the 64 different coins made for 12-12-12 events all over. We also thought it would be fun to show the huge geocoin and some of the pins and trackables we saw. We had so much fun and then we were off to grab a few smileys and the kids for the next 12-12-12 event also by Oakcoins. WOW hosting 2 events in one day, I bet thy are glad 12-12-12 is only once every century! Thanks guys, great event!
Gathering a few Smiles before next event. We really should gather some rest…but this day only comes once in a century so no rest for us. Next…pictures from night evnt at Boondocks, so much fun, it was so much fun we missed the 3rd event we had planned for the day. It was a cookie and tea party, so I have been eating cookies for days.
This event had everything from pizza to Pink Flamingo travel bugs. Fire Elemental’s truck looked lonely while we were insode racing go carts and waiting for our tickets to be drawn in a raffle. So Ted and I passed Pinky the travel bug along to him. We also exchanged Travel Bug numbers as well as enjoyed our friends, pictured above is Glassguy, the Simpson’s, Mzblubrd, Glowingman and Jax from Cacheseekers! Thanks again OakCoins for super fun day of events!
OK…I must now ZOOOM ZOOOM off to work on the “Before X-mas Geocache exchange” post. Happy Caching!
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