GeoCacher Gift Ideal…

    Christmas is approaching and if your shopping list is filled with caching friends and family we have a great ideal for you! We have been long time customers of Vista Print and they are doing a special right now for 250 free business cards and a free self inking stamp.

      I am sure that does not sound too exciting, but it is. The business cards can be personalized for geocaching and instead of entering address and contact info, we like to add a Thanks for the Cache, or a cache saying along with our names and state and drop them in caches. It is great for personalized SWAG. We also love finding caching cards because we have SWAG boards that we display signature items on and we have a lot of “caching/business” cards. 

     The stamp is a very helpful caching tool, once again instead of an address we put our caching name/names and they fit perfect on a log sheet. People always ask us where we got the stamp because it is so handy. It is self inking so no need to carry around an ink pad and it is small enough for a pocket, purse or SWAG bag. We have made a few different stamps, ones with just our individual caching name, ones with our caching name and other cachers we cache with often, so when we find a cache all we have to do is stamp the log and we all get the smiley! Also perfect for Power Runs!

      I am not sure how long the special is running but I just ordered another stamp and set of 250 business cards and it cost me $8.35 for shipping and handling. The estimated date of arrival is Dec 22, 2012 just in time for Christmas. You can pay more for expedited shipping. This is a screaming deal and gift. The business cards are usually around ten dollars and the stamps are around thirteen dollars.

     Here is a picture of the offer and then 4 of the free cards we have made, then a business card magnet and then the stamp and an example of how it looks on the log sheet.  vistaprintpost

Here is the link to the special:

Ordering Hints:

  • To keep it free don’t upload your own photos
  • Don’t select extras *ie, glossy finish, special fonts
  • The free stamp offer is after you build your cards all of the way, right before check out. Is Bonus offers
  • When creating business cards you have to enter something in every field or go to every box and hit backspace. For example if you don’t do that, your card might have “FAX” or “Email” on it. Learned that the hard way.
  • Think outside of the BOXES…you don’t have to enter a fax or phone or address…Enter your favorite saying, your state, how long you have been caching, a message to cache owner be creative.
  • Have fun…for example we made a set for our friend DollFace and used the housecleaning business card. We had it read, “DOLLFACE was glad to clean through the clues and find this sparkling cache.”  We made another one with the Lawn Mowing business card and it read, :Glad we “CUT” through the clues and “Mowed” on over to find this Cache”

Merry Christmas and if you have any questions, we will gladly help if you do make any we would love to see the pictures to share with our readers!

Happy Caching!

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