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Moisture control idea & Sneak Peak @ Cache exchange

We all know moisture and water is enemy #1 when it comes to a cache container. Nothing is worse than finding a great cache and it has been attacked by water and moisture. In order to help keep your cache and log dry try adding a moisture buster. Silica packets are a great barrier. You don’t have to invest a lot of money, just save the ones you find in shoe boxes, beef jerky packets and any other items you buy that have them in it. They are super cheap if you do want to buy some, either way they help absorb moisture in your cache container. So next time you are building a cache, slip one in the baggie with the log or inside of your cache and try it out. If any of you have had success with this idea, let us know.blogmoisture

Bonus Post:

We are getting ready for our December event and it is going to be a lot of fun. http://coord.info/GC41HQG Before Christmas Geocache Exchange Event. This will be a fun event and all cachers that attend will be given a fabulous door prize including a cache ready to hide and then we will be trading ready to hide caches. All cachers that want to participate will need to bring a wrapped ready to hide non micro cache. We will then play a trading game to a story about caching to see what cache each cacher ends up with. We are working on a few ready to hide, creative cahes and below is a sneak peak we are planning on bringing to the event for the cache trading part of the event. We LOVE hosting events and seeing our caching friends. This event will be one of the best yet, we have some great things planned. Make sure if you have not logged a will attend on the cache page, you do so soon. We want to make sure we have enough door prizes, also if we get over 35 attendees, the restaurant will give us a 10% discount per person…great way to say a bit on Lunch right before Christmas! Merry caching and hope to see everyone at the Before Christmas Geocache Exchange Event! blogchristmas

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