Personalized SWAG Ideal


We love going to a cache and finding personalized SWAG. It gives you something to smile about. We also collect it and pin it to our SWAG boards. We will feature those in another post. This post is to give you some ideals to make some of your own personal SWAG.

We have a great friend that we got into caching and of course she picked the name DollFace as her caching name and that has been a fun name to make SWAG with. She was heading to Arizona and needed some SWAG for the trip so we had a SWAG making night and these are the results.

Supplies for Personalized SWAG:

  • SWAG Items, pick up from Dollar Store or Craft Store, Some people also recycle SWAG from other caches for personalized SWAG
  • Jewelry baggies, we get ours from craft store and use coupons or from the dollar store when they are in stock.
  • Computer and Printer, plain or colored paper

bs1bs2Use a flower and print “ YOUR CACHING NAME, then…I am Glad I Peddled over to this Beautiful Cache.”

On Felt Frog Stickers: “DollFace had a hopping good time finding this cache. It is Leaps and Bounds above the rest!”

bs8 bs4

  • One Felt Owls, YOUR CACHING NAME: thought this cache was a real HOOT!
  • Pearl beads, YOUR CACHING NAME: thought this cache was a real treasure.


  • On a mini clothes pin: YOUR CACHING NAME: was “Clothes” to missing this super cache. Glad I “Pinned” this one down.
  • Felt Monkey Faces: YOUR CACHING NAME: I am glad I didn’t Monkey Around and took the time to find this cache.


  • On Glow in the dark plastic stars: YOUR CACHING NAME: is Stary Eyed over this glowing cache.
  • When you sit down to make your own, be creative and make LOTS, It is easier to print a lot at once rather than just one sheet. Happy caching, Hope you are inspired to make some of your own! If you do, please share your finished product.


Happy Caching….we are on our way to St. George for my Birthday/Christmas vacation road trip, I am so excited the world didn’t end, I am looking forward to warm caching and possibly making it to the Grand Canyon as well as the Damn, DAMN! I hope we will find some cool caches to feature! Have the Merriest of Christmas’s! Happy Caching!

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