100 caches in one day challenge

Accepting challenges…

On November 3rd Balkamper13 and I set out to get me closer to 1000 cache finds during my first year of caching. I was hoping for 50 caches in one day and he said it was time to complete the 100 caches in one day challenge and so we did.


      We started on a power run near Utah Lake and ended with micro heaven in the city near our home in West Jordan Utah. It was a long hard day and then the fun of logging all of the finds came the morning after. It took a good chunk of time to log them all but was well worth the feeling of accomplishment. I will admit I found more light pole caches and micros than I ever planned on. It was fun when we went to get a cache and found a creative hide or a unique cache during our quest for 100.


     We loaded to GPS and some guns and headed off for a day of fun with the kids. I am sure for those of you whom cache with kids, you know they can get bored after a few, especially if not larger caches. So we planned some activities for them as well, We found some caches and then went shooting, then caching. We also broke up the day with a big gravel hill we found. It is good to break up some of the day with other activities so no one gets bored or burned out. gun4


     There are lots of challenges out there…it is fun to pick a few from time to time and work on them. It is a good goal and adds a sense of accomplishment after working so hard towards something.


Please feel free to let us know of any challenges you have created or accomplished, we welcome your comments! Please let us know what other activities you do while you cache. I know people mix caching with other hobbies and we would love to know what combinations you enjoy. Go accept a challenge today!

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