CSI Episode #10 CROSSwalk

CSI Episode #10 CROSSwalk GC40W3K

 Here is our tenth installment of the CSI series. This is one of my personal favorites. GC40W3K CROSSwalk was a fun one to put together. The idea came to us one afternoon while driving on a back road home. We noticed a few crosses off the side of the road that had been placed in remembrance of tragic happenings.I looked at Darcey and said that
would make great camouflage for a geocache. We went to a local Home Depot the next day and got some materials to build CROSSwalk. We used a 2x10 to build the box and a 2x12 for the lid. This worked out great to fit the ammo can inside. I used 2x4's to build the cross part of the hide. We also fastened the cross to the lid with some L brackets for extra stability and used a nice heavy duty hinge for the lid. We then went out along the back road and found a nice little spot about 40 feet off the road on to of a small hill. We then dug a hole large enough to bury the wooden box with the ammo can inside, just leaving the lid and cross portion visible when you get close. The hole was fun to dig (LOL) I swear we picked the rockiest area in Utah. I should have brought a pick but was not expecting the ground to be that bad. To retrieve the ammo can and log you just tip the cross over.
For added effect we drilled some holes in the lid and glued some plastic flowers into them. We also added a wreath for that extra special touch.

Inside the can we placed the foot part of the victim. Darcey even added a sock to the foot for effect. The sock worked out great because we were able to tuck the log book into the band. We had such a great time putting this one together and adding little details for effect.

Thank you for checking out our CSI #10 CROSSwalk cache. We hope you have as much fun reading about, and finding it as we did creating it. Happy Caching!


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