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October Event….


Our October event was almost a bust due to a freak snow storm, but turned out to be a hit. We worked with a local corn  maze and had a lot of fun planned, little did we know we picked the night of a blizzard for our event. Luckily Darcey (Cacheseekers!) had arranged to have her parents bring their new Trailer and Truck to the event so we had some shelter. It was perfect for shelter and a great place to warm the water for hot chocolate, tea, and apple cider. Even though we were hit by a freak snow storm about a half hour before the event was to start, the local cachers were not stopped by a bit of nasty weather.

We showed up to the event GZ about 45 minutes before the posted start time. We helped get her parents situated and watched as the snow storm started moving in from the west. RN&Terrier showed up early to lend a hand and we are so glad she did. We had planned to hide a few geocaches in the maze with numbers inside for prizes at the event. I took the caches inside the maze to hide them just as the blizzard started. I was running through the maze to get all the temporary caches hidden but it still took me almost a half hour. By the time I was finished hiding them there was a few inches of fresh snow everywhere. We I came out of the maze I spotted Darcey with a sad look on her face. She told me that there were only a few people who had shown was thinking we might have to cancel the event. Just as the disappointment was about to set in I spotted a face I have not seen in a bit. A local cacher named Lionden came into our sights wearing a kilt. At this point I knew we couldn’t call it off and then the snow stopped. Next thing you know cachers were coming in from all directions. We had planned on serving Hot Cocoa and Cider with donuts so we had everyone meet up and get some of the treats. We had spent some time and made personalized drink mugs for the event and they were a hit. After getting everyone a bit warmed up from the great drinks we sent them into the maze to find our caches.

maze caches 

   We wrote to John Grisham and he donated 5 of his 999.9 pure suspense geocoins to give away. We placed color coded numbers inside 5 separate caches that we his inside the maze. The attendees were to bring back two numbers each from each cache. We randomly picked numbers and gave away the coins at the end of the event.










                mazey3                                                                                                   We also gave away a few prizes for the great people who dressed up for the event since it was close to Halloween. We would really like to thank the people who came out to support our event. Thanks for not letting a little snow storm and freezing cold weather ruin a good time. Thanks Dumbledore’s Army 2006 for giving coin to the newest cacher at our event, Jecepe08. We also want to thank RN& Terrier for all of her her, thanks for saving the trailer awning with us. Lionden, your path tags and Kilt in the storm was amazing, you’re a super nice guy, Thank you!

Sorry this was so late, it was such a great event we could not forget to post it..we had about 28 people despite the blizzard, Utah cachers are the best ever! Sorry for the delay, we were wrapped up with Geocacher of the month…Thanks again for the votes! Happy Caching!


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