Extreme Caching From Reader


     We posted a picture of caching in the snow and asked readers to share any of their extreme caching tales with us and DaphM shared this story. I must admit I would have been the picture taker or the cheerleader...CRAZY EXTREME!

     "There was some Sunday Morning Hiking Series craziness last winter . . . A micro under 8 feet of snow doesn't stop HikingSeal, GOATTER, MarshallOD, and Lockjaw. (It slowed them down a bit, but they got that smiley . . . much to the surprise of the less die hard participants that day!) They dug an 8 foot deep/ 8 foot wide hole with a little shovel and their snowshoes."-DaphM
     Thanks for the pics and stories, any other readers whom want to be a part of EXTREME CACHING submit your stories and pictures.
     Thanks to everyone that voted for our own Balkamper13 in the geocacher of the month contest hosted by Latitude47. There are a few more hours left to vote it ends tonight. So if you haven't please get your vote in. The link is a few posts down under GeoCacher of the month. Our contest for a swag bag is still open, leave a comment under the Win a Swag bag post or follow us for an entry. Spread the word, you can enter everyday by leaving a comment. Thanks again, we have the best reader, friends and caching buddies ever! Happy Caching!

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