gee spot

     On account of the “Best Snow of Earth” Utah caches are sometimes a 5 Difficulty and 5 Terrain when they are only categorized as a 1 Difficulty and 1.5 Terrain. The weather is crazy cold and makes for an interesting First to Find race.

     When the temperature drops and the snow falls one would think First to Finds might sit until the weather improves…not in these parts. We went out after a snow storm for a FTF. We were not surprised when we showed up to GZ (“Banding Together to Find the Gee Spot”  GC4109D) and the FIRST to FIND Master, Ryshkepr was already searching the snow banks for the FTF honors. It was fun watching Balkamper13 & Ryshkepr search the powder for the find. I love how some things don’t stop a good find.

     If any of you have extreme caching pictures, we would love to see them and share them. Or if you have any stories, we want to hear!

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