Making Micro Caches a Little More Interesting

 Micro Geocaches Can be Fun


 A few years back I took a personal vow to never hide another micro cache. While this may have slowed my cache placements down I found more people have enjoyed the bigger hides. I am not completely against micro caches. I actually enjoy looking for them sometimes, but I feel with a little help they could be much better. Over the past few months Cacheseekers! and myself have been just loading and finding a few larger caches to keep us and the kids happy. Well when you live in a city area you are very limited to bigger hides and feel you are trapped in micro land. We have been running out of larger hides to find and have resorted to loading all size hides. While out and about we have been noticing the with just a tiny bit of TLC a micro can be a really fun thing to find.
      If you just take a little time and effort a micro geocache can be a ton of fun to find. We have been finding a few where people have just simply drilled a hole in a toy and glued a micro inside. Or the good old fake bolt hide is still one of my personal favorites. Your can place a micro in a lamp skirt but wouldn’t it be better to hide a McDonalds toy with a bison tube glued inside for everyone to find. Here in northern Utah we have a bunch of micro caches hidden in pine trees. These can be a real pain in the @$$ literally. But there are also some really neat ones where the cache placer has taken some time and built a really neat micro.
The bison tube aka scuba tank can be a great cache to hide. I have used a few of these in my own personal cache hides. They make great mostly watertight containers that last through many weather conditions. These can be hidden just about anywhere. While these do make great caches they also make great log holders for a bit larger and more enjoyable to find geocache. All it takes is a drill or a bit of glue to create something like these fun caches.
Do you think finding a blank tube is better than the possibility of finding one of these geocaches?
Our next favorite cache is the dreaded Nano aka Mr. Magneto aka ^%$#^$$##^%. micro2This style of geocache has made me mad more than once. These little guys can be hidden anywhere and I mean anywhere. With these I have seen people use silicon and make fake bubble gum hides. I have seen these glued to the tip of bolts and placed inside holes to make the bolt look very real. These little guys can be placed in even the busiest public places with ease. Like I said these have made me upset more than once, but can also be placed on some really neat features that you cannot hide a larger cache near. I really enjoy these on statues and other neat places. I REALLY REALLY hate these placed in very busy public places like on Redbox machines or pedestrian bridges at malls. They are very easy to hide but I wish people would not make us look like a complete wierdo or pervert looking for them in such places.

I have made this post in hopes that if you read it you will think twice about your next micro or nano geocache hide. Lets work together and make them all a little more interesting for everyone. I want to give thanks to my brother Paul and his website for use of some pictures.

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