Milestone Marking

700th milestone for Cacheseekers! 10/28/2012, SLC Utah

     When you know you are getting close to a milestone, it is fun to plan ahead and make a sign with that milestone number on it. It is a good way to chronicle with pictures, your special achievements. We knew my 700th find was coming up so before we went out caching for the day we printed the sign and then picked a larger cache for the milestone cache and set out to reach our goal. When I first started caching I never thought I would forget any of my finds, but once you get past 100, sometimes the finds blend together. The sign is an easy way to make sure they don’t. It is also fun for the cache owner to read the log and see their cache was a milestone find for someone. Even if you forget to plan ahead, find something in your caching mobile to hand write the milestone number with and then hold it up with the cache, snap a photo and you will have an everlasting reminder of your milestones. I can’t believe I made it to 700…Thanks Balkamper13, this has been the best adventure of my life!700701

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