Balkamper13 November GeoCacher of the Month

Geocacher of the Month for November 2012!

      We could not be more excited to present our very own Balkamper13, aka: the Elvis of Caching, aka: Ted, as the winner of the Honorable Geocacher of the month from Latitude47 Blog and Groundspeak! THANK YOU so much for all of your votes, support and best wishes! Ted can not even believe he won such an honor. Congrats to Cschooner and Of-Erad for the nominations, we are looking forward to a road trip to see your amazing contributions to caching.
     Make sure you stop by the official announcement on Latitude47. Thanks Groundspeak and Latitude47 this has brought a great sense of community to our caching community and created a lot of buzz about caching. Congrats Ted we are all so proud of you and happy for your success, you deserve it and you will always be the Elvis of caching and my heart.

Please don't forget to enter out SWAG bag give away, info  and contest details a few posts back and we will ship internationally if winner is outside of USA. Good Luck and Happy Caching!
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