Tribute to Amy the caching Terrier

"Ask the beasts (Amy the caching Terrier) and they will teach
you the beauty of this earth." St. Francis of Assisi.

It is with a sad heart I write this tribute to Terrier. Terrier was half of the greatest caching duo I have been blessed to meet. She was the four legged addition of RN&Terrier. Terrier spent many years of her almost 21 year old life by the side of RN making caching memories. RN joked that she was going to take Amy to Las Vegas on her 21st birthday but unfortunatly Amy didn't make it to her 21st birthday. On October 1, 2012 Terrier left this caching land to start her new caching adventure in a better land.

Profile Picture of RN&Terrier

We all look forward to log entries from RN&Terrier, they always write the best logs, even on those caches it's hard to write good logs on. The logs always include the tales of them sharing their time finding caches together. I always look forward to reading their adventures.  
Terrier has been a focal point in our CSI series. Speculation has been made that maybe Terrier was the L&L killer and a paw print was even located on CSI Episode #7. CSI agents are blaming each other and Terrier was even a suspect. We had such a good time thinking about poor Terrier sleeping with one eye open, just in case her partner is the L&L Killer. Other cachers would write warnings to Terrier in their logs about RN. Due to these alligations, especially the ones from a "Mailman" Terrier was sent a special bag of human shaped doggy snacks shaped like mailmen. The above pics are of her eating them. The series will not be the same without her.
Terrier was a all around cacher...At a Challenge
I am sad I never got to meet her nose to nose, however I do feel like I knew her. I had read so much about her and we had the common thread of caching joining us. We thought of Amy often and even left a few bones in caches for our special 4 legged caching peer. We also felt bad when she was unable to attend our event so we made sure she had a gift as well. It is funny how Terrier made others think of her. I know we did and I am sure we were not the only ones. I am happy thinking of her caching in heaven, with no micros, just great caches filled with everything she loves.
This was the log entry from RN on CSI Episode #9 and I feel like it really says it all.
"I am dedicating this FTF to the bestest geocaching buddy ever - terrier ... aka AMY. She passed away Monday evening and geocaching and my heart will never be the same. She was a few weeks away from turning 21 years old (everyone wanted me to take her to Vegas for her b.d.). She's been with me for half my life - she chose me and I'm so glad she wormed her way into my life, lol." 
RN, may peace find you, we are thinking of you and just want you to know the caching world will never be the same without Amy. Thanks for sharing Terrier with us all.

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