Geocaching log sheets

This is just a quick post to let you all in on a great free website I found. While putting together some of our caches I tried making some logbooks using various programs. This was a very long process that always left me thinking all that for a crappy looking lined paper. One day I decided that I should Google it and see what may be online. Thanks to this search I found this great website I wanted to share with all of you.
geocaching-log-sheet-nano has saved me hours of work and their printable PDF file logs look great in our caches. The guys at Techblazer have covered just about every style and size of cache out there. From the well loved NANO aka Steaming mad Mr. Magneto and Bison tube style caches up to the great Ammo cans They have a log size to fit inside. They also have made files for colored logo and black and white. There are logs with spots for FTF;s and logs without for good old replacements. They have also gone through the efforts of making a lined page to print on the backside of your log papers for even more space. This site is great so go check it out and make your log books look awesome. Once again here is their link.
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