McAwesome,s Magic Airplane Ride

McAwesome’s Magic Airplane Ride  GC3VE3Q


     Here is a another video post of one of our most favorite hides we have come up with. This cache was a tribute to Cacheseekers! son Ryan aka McAwesome. He was in California with his grandma for a few weeks over the summer and this was his welcome home cache on his birthday. This one took us a few hours to plan and build but was worth every second of time we spent on it. When he landed at the SLC airport we took him and Grandma Char to his special cache. If you read the cache description you will get hints on how to get the log as well as the trader portion of this cache. We hope you all enjoy it as much as those whom have given it a favorite point and found. 

enjoy this fun little video


McAwesome’s Magic Airplane Ride
We really hope that sharing this video will make you want to hide a geocache of your own like it. It was really not to hard or expensive to put together. If you would like to build one and need any more information feel free to send and email or comment and ask.
This picture was posted by Hembreonical who was in the area while on a visit to Utah with the military. Here is what he wrote.
“This is beyond creative! I'm dropping favorite points all over this area!”
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