Ryshkepr and G&C Lost'N'Found have earned the honor of Holy Sweet Cache without a suspicion of a doubt. This dynamic caching duo has laid to rest the days of ordinary, everyday run of the mill hides and brought to life the ideal of a favorite point worthy hide.
THE CSI AGENT is a cache that involves The CSI Series caches we have been featuring in prior posts. It involves a lot of local cachers and draws suspicion to some whom have found the CSI series on evidence cards. The suspect cards point out the little details about the possible guilty cacher. It also features Picture Evidence cards that capture all of the Crime Scenes so far in the CSI caching series. It has been such a hit among local cachers, it is also jam packed with SWAG, there is so much SWAG it is hard to find all of the clues. This cache has also generated some of the best logs we have ever read.
When it was published we all knew it was going to be a great cache because two of the best Utah cachers teamed up to make it. SO needless to say the first to find race was a true race. TJC852 arrived on scene first and I arrived as he was opening the CSI Agent, then within seconds, Snooby showed up to the party. After we left there were a few others that arrived. These races make caching so much fun. This will always be one of my favorite FTF memories.
This cache is a must find. Make sure you put this one on your caches to find list and get ready to enjoy hours of hard work and fantastic SWAG. Thank You Ryshkepr and G&C Lost'N'Found  this will always be a special cache to us, it made all of the work, time and money we put into the CSI series worth it. Keep hides like these coming.
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