Preparation for Mazy Days of Fall Event

Just kiddingWe are working our fingers to the bone…Ok, the only fingers working here are the ones on the skeleton hands holding the John Grisham Racketeer coins in the prize goblets. We are going to hide 5 caches in the corn maze and in each cache there are a set of numbers from 1-63. When participants find the cache they will pull a color coded number and hope they pick the winning number for the corresponding cache. If they do pull the winning number they will get a wonderful prize goblet with goodies and a John Grisham Geo Coin. We are so excited Double Day publishing sent us 5 coins to award as prizes for our event. We are also giving one of these Golden Coins for the best Overall costume prize…so make sure you are planning on attending GC3Y1T5  It is this Thursday, October 25th at 6:45. Make sure you are dressed up at The Crazy Corn Maze we are sure it will be totally aMAZEing. See you there!
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