First to Find Race

The race in Utah is on...
Competition is stiff.
When a new cache is published in the Greater Salt Lake City area it is a full on race. In order to secure the honor of first to find, you have to be ready and on your toes. Nothing but an A game is expected from those addicted cachers in the valley. We love FTF's and the race to ground zero is half of the fun because of the competition. The other thing that adds to the fun is the strong possibility one will run into another FTF hound. Often times we have gone to a FTF and ran into another cacher. Sometimes there are so many cachers going for the FTF it is like a mini caching event. Here are some pictures of some of my favorite FTF races and the cachers we ran into.
 This Dynamic Duo met up at CSI Episode #9 Five Finger Discount. 
        TJC852 & RN&Terrier were the first to be spotted at the crime scene and then shortly after G&Clostnfound followed by Ryshkeper. The photo was taken by Balkamper13 and Jax of Cacheseekers! Once they were all together they had a great time and talked about possible suspects. Moments like these make caching so much fun.  After theses mini events, the log pages are so much fun to read.
RN&Terrier meeting Jax from Cacheseekers!
This was a fun first encounter. We were both heading down Redwood Road and i looked over and noticed a Trackable on the back of the vehicle next to us, then the woman driving was looking at a GPS. I knew it had to be a fellow cacher...It was. I tried to get her attention but she would not look over at us. Once I did I rolled down the window and asked her if she was a cacher...she yelled "I know you." RN recognised Balkamper13 & I from our gallery pics. We told her we were on our way to the FTF and she was going the same place. We raced to GZ and teamed up to find "A Drink under the IVY." Another great FTF hunt and meeting.


This FTF race was a given
Fire Elemental called the best of the out on this hide.
He called his cache "FTF Check: ryshkepr" and then followed the challenge with this description:

I know how much that ryshkepr loves going for FTF's so here is a little challenge for him!
Let's see if he can grab the FTF on this one!
Maybe it will be G&C Lost 'n Found or ballkamper13 or maybe even supertbone!
So here it is, come and get it!
maybe some unsuspecting cacher will be the FTF!
There was no way after that there was not a great race for this one. When we arrived to GZ there had already been an extensive hunt for this one and Ryshkeper and G&CLostnFound were on site. It was so fun to finally meet these two. This was a very special cache because it brought so many competitors out and joined together.
We check our e-mail all day in hopes a FTF will pop up and we can race for it. We hope to see more of you on the FTF trails. We love caching but FTF's are the cherry on top of the caching Sunday!

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