New Caches

Caches for our February event. For the Love of Bugs! Travel Bug Workshop Co-hosted by Madambutterfly1822

     It is that time of month again, the time right before our event; For the Love of Bugs! Travel Bug Workshop and we are getting that excited, butterfly feeling.
     One thing Ted and I like to do is hide a cache at the event or near by so cachers attending our events get a Smiley for the event and have a chance to get at least one more smileys without a lot of effort. We are working on placing 3-4 for this event. There will not be one at the actual GZ, because there is already a Holy Sweet Cache by MadamButterfly1822 there. This event will have the potential of at least 5-6 nearby finds; with a guarantee of at least 1-2 favorite point worthy caches!
     The new caches will range from creative micros to a possible CSI cache. Yes, I did say the L&L Killer might strike again! I know it has been months since we have seen any Crime Scene Investigator cache series Crime Scenes. Things might be changing, it is a new year and even the L& L Killer sets New Years Resolutions!
Thanks to all of you for your comments and following us! I especially needed the inspiration from DJ&Jules about my struggle with a cache a day. I also loved the the ideal of awarding more than one favorite point, I have thought that many times!
Please keep reading our blog and feel free to contribute anytime, we love comments, unless you’re a SPAM program, we don’t care about your video game offers!
Happy Caching, we are looking forward to getting together this weekend with a bunch of people with that share the best hobby in the world!
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