Travel Bug Workshop Update

For the Love of Bugs! Travel Bug Workshop GC45EW3 was a huge success! February 16, 2013 was one hell of a day for Utah caching!

travel bug2

WOW…I must say after each event I am on this natural high and planning the blog post and the next event. This was no exception, however after this one I was down and out tired. It could have been the multiple stations at this one. Event attendees had their choice of two separate craft projects (thanks to the Queen of Creativity, Madambutterfly1822) , a Holy Sweet Cache at event, a library hunt, travel bug tag making and travel bug assembly area. Plus all of the socializing. We squeezed as much as possible into the few hours we had. Now with all that said I am sure you are all interested in pictures and details. ABOUT THAT….it is a work in progress!


I had every intention of finishing it tonight however I have been hearing all of these great things about a show on A&E called Duck Dynasty and while flipping channels I saw it was coming on. Ted and I don’t just sit and watch TV, usually we turn the TV on for background noise and do our projects. UNFORTUNATLY due to the awesome-ness of Duck Dynasty, I was unable to finish our post on the event. The good news is I looked up Duck Dynasty on Facebook and I was able to join the Duck Dynasty clan with an app called Beard Yourself. I had a blast. I hope to have the event post up tomorrow.

Happy Caching, thanks to everyone who has been reading and commenting!


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