On The Verge of 2 Million Cache Hide Contest


I stumbled upon this contest from a blog we follow called It's Not About The Numbers. This news has my mind focused on the 2 millionth hide! Once I watched the video and heard the estimated date of the 2 millionth hide is Feb 23rd, that is all I can think about. It would be beyond the feeling of solving a tough puzzle or finding a 5/5 cache to be the owner of the 2 millionth cache. It might even be better than a CSI #5. Ted and I have our sights set on this challenge, because it is such a big deal we are teaming up with some of the best cachers in Utah; Ryshkepr & G & C Lost'N'Found to try and hide the 2 millionth cache. You know with the help of those two the caches will be fun!

  1. Subscribe to mngeocaching to be eligible to enter. Easy!
  2. Worldwide participation encouraged, open to all! 
  3. To get ONE entry(One chance to win): Hide a geocache between the dates of February 16 to 25, 2013 and submit the GC number in the comments section at mngeocaching. Comments posted on Livelovecache.com will not get you entered.
  4. To earn THREE entries Three chances to win): Place a geocache between the dates of February 16 to 25, 2013 and submit a video of you hiding it.
  5. You may choose only one of the two methods of entry.
  6. All entries must be submitted by 11:59pm CST on February 25th, 2013.
  7. A winner will be selected at random, using number website Random.org.
  8. That winner will receive a gift certificate from the CacheBox Store.
  9. Have fun and good luck!

We had to share this one, we love contest! The video also made us realize just how exciting the 2 million cache is. We hope this gives you all the inspiration to get a cache out in the next few days and hope we are in the running for the 2 millionth hide or at least close enough to go find it!

UPDATE: I promise the event post will be done soon and the list of travel bug numbers. Ted and I caught that DAMN FLU.This is my 2nd go round with the nasty bug and Teds first. YUCK! So life has been on slow motion and we thought the 2millionth hide was so important you all had to know about it. We are working hard to get you all the post. Thanks for being patient. Our sights are set on 2 millionth hide so our place looks like the Elf Workshop at the North Pole before Christmas! Caches and Swag everywhere mixed with flu medicine!

Happy Caching!

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