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Inspired by Thebitchycacher & her Rants


We have reader named Thebitchycacher and when I went to her blog she has a “Rant” section, I loved it. She tells it how it is and I read every entry she made. So, I am wondering what to call my “RANT.” I am thinking…”Some caching advise that will help you not be a jerk face cacher. “ Yes I think that will be the name. So post #1 of

Some caching advise that will help you not be a jerk face cacher.

      Ok I have a huge beef with those cachers that act like giving a favorite point is like giving up your first born. Are you kidding me? I know cachers that have hundreds of favorite points and will not award any. WHY?

      Hello cachers, this game is made possible by volunteers and no one is paid to make and hide a cache and spend their own money to bring smileys to people. Wish those people would part with their favorite points as easily as the people making the awesome caches.    

      We will continue to hide cool caches like CSI #5 NEWSFLASH, your favorite points don’t collect interest, they don’t make you popular, they can’t kiss you good night or pay your bills. SO STOP BEING GREEDY! The person with the most favorite points when they die does not win anything! GIVE THEM. I give points for caches that have good FTF prizes, caches that have a great description,  caches from a new cacher, caches in unique containers basically anything out of the ordinary. DO IT, GIVE FAVORITE POINTS!

I just get upset when I see a cool cache and cachers finding it and writing TFTC? WHAT? Are you kidding me, give something back to the game with a simple thanks with a favorite point.

End of rant. Hope all of the winners got your stones and loved them. Please send Pictures. A cache a day is killing me, kind of feel like it takes the fun out of caching kind of like a chore, I am re-thinking this, help with advice!

Happy Caching!


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