For the Love of Bugs! Travel bug Workshop

Balkamper13-Cacheseekers!-Madambutterfly 1822
Life has finally  given me a few moments to catch up on blog posts. So sorry it has taken so long, I think you will find this event post was worth the wait.
02-16-2013 Herriman Library, Utah GC45EW3
This event had a library cache style hunt, caches hidden near by, crafts, resurrection of MIA travel bug numbers, collaboration of cachers finding a holy sweet cache, friends, creativity, prizes and above all FUN! The prizes ranged from Movie tickets to energy for the cacher and GPS (Granola bars & Batteries.) As the event was under way the prize table kept growing; thanks to cachers donating prizes. Thank you to all that donated.

The cache style hunt through the shelves of the library was a blast. Groups from 6-10 set out to find books related to caching and travel bugs inside of the library. The clues were printed on old school library check out cards and the cachers had to look at the clues and gather information the return cards with answers. One group won a prize for each member of their group.  .event0011
While the hunt was going on so was the resurrection of travel bug numbers gone missing. Many cachers sent some of their missing TB numbers into Balkamper13 and he printed replacement tags for each one, the list was over 75 long. We then made kits for each cacher to make to attach to a craft, hitchhiker or something they brought with them.
After the tags were ready the cachers were in for a special treat. We never knew how amazing hosting an event with MadamButterfly1822 could be until this event. We asked her to help us because she is so creative and puts out the best caches. Little did we know she is also a fantastic event hostess. She showed up with 2 craft projects, basket of hitchhikers, supplies, lessons and an amazing ability to teach cachers how to make pony bead crafts as well as egg shaped crafts. Madambutterfly1822 turned our event into a professional caching event.
Another highlight of this event was the collaboration of a group a cachers finding an amazing cache inside of the library by Madambutterfly1822 & Railroader. This cache was honored as our first HOLY SWEET CACHE. MomtheCook & CachingHubby are working on a challenge. You must find a cache with 100 different cachers. A large group was assembled and found the cache together. The pictures below show the group collaboration!
This event resserected about 90-100 travel bug numbers that have gone missing. It was fun to watch the creativity of all that attended. I also loved watching the logs flow in from the caches we hid near the event. Most of the logs were from groups of cachers. I love how caching brings people together.
I had to include a few more pictures and one more thank you to MadamButterfly1822. Thanks to all that attended. I complied the list of bugs at event if anyone wants it e mail me at Nice sized list. Thanks again!
One more thing, I have to admit I stopped my quest for a cache a day. I agree with the BitchyCacher when she pointed out it takes the fun out of it. I had fun at first but then started feeling like it was a chore. I might give it a try in the future but for now I am going to enjoy caching at my own pace. I am impressed by those of you that reach that goal, it is way challenging! I didn’t realize it until I tried it myself.
Happy Caching!
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