No FTF’s or smileys…Wedding instead.

     Took some time off from caching today for a wedding. Ok we didn’t take the whole day off, we watched a great video from the Dirtbag Geocaching Society Leadership team about some exciting new things the society is doing. We also worked on some SWAG for our upcoming geocoinfest trip. Then returned to our wedding preparations. 
     Sometimes I have to build other things besides geocaches and I love it. We wanted a unique wedding gift for our dear friends Tom & Jen. We made a cupcake kit. It had a cupcake pan with lid as base, then 3 cupcake mixes, 6 cupcake liners as decorations, 4 wooden spoons, topped with a big cupcake liner full of icing and decorating supplies. It was tied together with mesh and included a recipe for a happy Marriage. We wrote a cupcake themed message to the bride and groom… “ Tom, may Jen always be your cupcake and may your sweet tooth for her never be satisfied…Jen, may your years with Tom be a baker’s dozen times 20 and may your ingredients to a happy marriage be plentiful.”
     It was a lot of fun making such a personalized fun wedding gift, I hope they will remember it and use it for years. Congrats Jen and Tom…your wedding was a blast here are a few pictures, they had some fun non-traditional items that were tailored to their personalities and made the wedding special.
Take time to celebrate the things that make life worth living.
Don’t forget the Wendover or BUSt event on October 19th….will be the best event on wheels EVER!
Happy Caching!
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