31 days of Geocaching FINALE & Path Tag DEAL

Day 31 CSI Delivering Some Bad News was the grand finale of our 31 days of caching. After hiding 30 caches we had to make something that the streaker’s could look forward to. WE DID!

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Wow we had a blast with this one, we have been working on it for ages and we are so happy with the end result. When you open the cache a trigger is activated and the skeleton’s eyes light up and he says ”HAHAHA you can’t catch the L & L Killer, oh and don’t wake the mailman, I just got him to sleep.” There are skeletons and stretchy organs for swag. One of the die hard followers is a mailman, so when we found the old mail carriers hat we couldn’t resist. The logs on these are awesome and tell a who done it tale.
For our find on day 31 we went to an event. Cyclops is a cacher from Michigan and in town for the mega event.Cyclops' Road Trip Meet & Greet - SLC, UT. He hosted an event to meet some local cachers and it was a blast. The first attendees were worried because he was a bit late but it all worked out. He did a great job and it was a great way to end our 31 days of caching. Thanks Cyclops we will see you this weekend! Great Event.
OK, now the time you have been waiting for….the PATH TAG SALE FOR LIVELOVECACHE.COM readers. exexm
Extags.com is the place to go to get 100 path tags for 79$. YES 79$….that is an unheard of price and Extags.com is extending this offer to all of our readers for two weeks. That gives you until the 17th to get your order in! They sent tags for our Event, The Streaker's Ball and they are superior quality! LOVE THE QUALITY. If you have any questions you can check out their Facebook page at Exman’s Exchangeables. We are finally getting some of our own made, can’t wait. Thank you Extags, we are so grateful you passed along a $20 savings to our readers.
Happy Caching…we are so grateful we have the world’s best reviewers and caching community. This month was the most rewarding month of caching we have ever had, we worked hard (harder than expected) but it was worth every penny and lost hours of sleep. Thank you all, everyone has thanked us for our work, the real thanks goes to all of you that made it so much fun to hide the caches and read the logs. Thanks again we will never forget this month.
Darcey & Ted
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