2nd International EarthCache Event

I finally attended my first “Mega” GC3JG9V event with Balkamper13 & TJC852. We set our sights on St. George and headed to the event in a Prius…it was hilarious listening to all of the Prius jokes the entire time, but I must admit I liked it. TJC852 & Jackson of Cacheseekers! enjoyed the back of Prius. We love road trips the adventure of the highway. We cached and played the whole way and then when we arrived, we slept and then went for a morning swim.  mega20mega31mega24mega21mega22mega23
After the swim we went to the event and we were pleased to see some local cachers. We went in and signed the log book and then looked around. We shopped at the vendors and had an especially great time at the Oakcoins booth. Oh and Ladies…That bearded GeoSwag guy is married…sorry! mega5mega19
After shopping we went out and cached in the beautiful city of St. George. We sadly missed an event by some local cachers, but you know how it gets when you get caching in a new area…so much fun. When we returned to the event we played the GPS marking flag game. We wrote our names on the flags and placed them on the closest to the coordinates they had displayed at the event. mega15mega16mega18
We had a great time and a cacher from Europe pinpointed the actual coordinates. Next, we were lucky enough to meet some fellow Dirtbags…they travelled all of the way from Florida and they defiantly were the highlight of the event for us. Great people! We had some fun and did some photo bombs…Best Part!mega17
We went into volunteer in the kids section after a short break. We had a great time with the dinohunters. The kids section offered geode breaking, gold panning, coloring and cache stories. mega8mega9mega10mega11
While we were volunteering in the kids section there were great seminars being taught and lots of local caching going on. The day ended with a raffle and the announcing of next years Mega Earth event…Canada. We left after this but many stayed for a dinner event. We had to get to Mesquite to win some $$$…let’s just say we have a $300 set of coffee mugs. We then headed home and cached on the way. We found some fun caches but the best part was meeting up with a great caching pair…mega2
AKiteFlier and humboldt flier. They are the nicest people and we talked and had a blast talking caching. I love how cachers really are the nicest people you can meet. We continued on our journey back home and cached some more…great experience at my first mega. More to come…looking forward to Las Vegas-Coinfest! Below are some of our pictures from the trip.
Happy Caching…we are working on our next event and let’s just say….it involves a BUS!
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