We all know the government shut down today, however one great cacher was working overtime!
CachinGrma ! She was busy placing a     
     I was so excited when I saw this cache earlier in the day and then the headaches of the government shutting down took over my day. We didn’t have a chance to go after the FTF but we were able to go get it this evening.
     We have found just under 10,000 caches between Balkamper13 & myself (Cacheseekers!) and very few have made us laugh out loud and keep laughing….this one did! This cache was perfectly planned and constructed WE LOVE THE NAME. We couldn’t figure out what the name meant until we saw it and it was so great! Pineapple? I think I can...I think I can-GC4PC70
    This was CachinGrma’s third hide and so far it has a 100% favorite point ratio.WAY TO put time, thought and creativity into a cache. She just reached a milestone of 500 finds and started hiding caches. She has a great love for the game and the people that play it.
     We had the pleasure of meeting CachinGrma at our Streaker's Ball after the 31 days of caching. She earned the Streaker’s Award and also a Sweetheart award for being so nice to fellow cachers on the trail.
This was a the best part of our day! Thanks for the
Don’t forget the wheels on the bus will soon be heading to WENDOVER. Our next event is on wheels and we want to see you there! The bus is half way full so hurry and reserve your spot today!
Wendover or BUSt & Wendover Will Flash Mob are two separate events on the same day, one in Utah and the next in Nevada. Will be an amazing time…come on an event on wheels….you need to be there! Happy Caching!
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